Social Media Display Walls

Social media walls are such a value add for any event, especially in technology.

By curating key social influencers and showcasing their content in one place, it’s like a curated list of key takeaways from some of the brightest minds. There are numerous companies that provide this service by

The human element of selecting specific Tweets and posts based on hashtags is something that can not be automated, even with machine learning algorithms. The human eye can spot what doesn't belong better than any machine can. And especially when you have your brand on the line, you can't afford a random post that's not related to the event, or even worse, NSFW, to show up on the display wall.

Encouraging social sharing is a key piece of marketing and one of the strongest ways to have a "digital" word of mouth recommendation. Checking in, using event hashtags, and sharing pictures and videos are social validation that someone is in the know with their finger on the pulse of their industry. Have you ever seen a friend's post and thought to yourself, "Hey I didn't hear about that event, how come they did and I didn't? I should be there too." Digitally induced FOMO is the world we live in, and without having a strategy in place for it then you're left behind. Social media display walls are definite must haves for businesses looking to expand their social presence noninvasively and without interrupting.