I was brought into this organization for a particular project: building up attendance and increasing revenue for Friday and Saturday club nights. The Conga Room has been operating for over 15 years, and is known for being a not just a nightclub but also a restaurant and a live music venue.

The gorgeous interior of the building was designed by Belzberg Architects and is located right in the middle of LA Live, which is also home to The Staples Center, Katsuya, and Hyde Lounge.

Conga Room also includes a delicious Cuban restaurant called Boca and features catering from Wolfgang Puck. 
Famous artists such as Prince, Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg, Ricky Martin, and Black Eyed Peas have all graced the world famous stage there. Jimmy Smits, Jennifer Lopez, Paul Rodriguez, Sheila E., Amaury Nolasco, Baron Davis, Trevor Ariza, and are all owners.

I worked with the VP of Operations, Business Development Manager, General Manager for specific brand integration campaigns and private events. Our graphic designer, videographer, and various photographers were instrumental in providing the creative assets for our brand campaigns, social media, and marketing efforts.

I was able to effectively grow their social channels collectively over 500% within a matter of the first three months through a combination of consistent content, paid media, and key media partnerships.

Regular meetings with the VP of Marketing and Director of Marketing of AEG were key in planning, executing, and strategically delivering successful campaigns that also utilized the LA Live space as well as the downtown Los Angeles community.

Booking talent for club nights was a bonus, as I was able to hire talented up-and-coming DJs, dancers, performers, and musicians. We created an experience for people to enjoy themselves after a hard week’s work. It was satisfying seeing guests arrive and marvel at the dancers contorting and twisting on stage in syncopation to melodic beats.


  • Develop and implement social and digital marketing strategies and process
  • Manage, monitor, analyze, and report on the day to day engagement, interactions, and posts on all social media and digital platforms
  • Manage ground level social media co-workers work on digital and social fronts.
  • Talent buying for Friday club nights
  • Hiring and managing promotional partners, photographers, and videographers
  • Identifying and executing digital strategies and opportunities for brand awareness
  • Successfully implementing new digital tools and platforms for optimizing concert ticket sales, club attendance, bottle service, and restaurant attendance
  • Jason Okuma, an exceptional business leader and someone I consider a mentor, was the one who brought me into the project and provided leadership and guidance for executing our marketing strategies



I had the pleasure of working with this agile and nimble team for a three month consulting period to help with media and PR outreach for their clients. The core focus of their business is providing digital marketing and media services for companies utilizing equity crowdfunding.

I successfully landed clients coverage on, The Los Angeles Business Journal,, and more media outlets.


  • Landed clients press in,, The Los Angeles Business Journal and other major media properties


  • Sent over weekly email blasts and follow-ups


  •   Consistently grew database of journalists, bloggers, and influencers


  •  Sourced content and utilized in deck, along with copywriting




My experience with the Digital Marketing Course at General Assembly actually started out as being the Expert in Residence (EIR), essentially the course instructor assistant. I worked closely with Allan Jones, who was then the CMO of ZipRecruiter, to develop and facilitate lesson plans on the fundamentals of digital marketing. My experience with analytics and social media marketing complemented Allan’s skill set to provide students with two well-rounded marketing professionals.

After completion as EIR, I was brought back as Course Instructor to test a new structure of classes for a smaller subset of students. Here I was able to share my knowledge of media planning and affiliate marketing. One student was able to successfully land a job as a social media manager upon completion of the course, while two others were able to utilize their media plans to successfully grow their startups and land funding.  


  • Teaching weekly digital marketing courses to professionals in the digital and startup space
  • Creating lesson plans and content based on digital marketing fundamentals
  • Guiding students with various levels of experience to create effective media plans for their startup companies and potential clients
  • Leading exercises that challenged students ways of thinking and introduced them to new concepts
  • Ensuring students knowledge of terminology and acronyms used in digital marketing such as KPIs, CTR, CPM and more



Adly is the very first influencer marketing company who spearheaded the industry of connecting brands with celebrities and influencers for social media marketing campaigns.



  • Closed over $320,000 in social media campaigns to date

  • Executing social media campaigns with brand advertisers utilizing celebrities and social media influencers on social platforms  Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Vine

  • Strategic planning, execution, and implementation for brand social media marketing campaigns
  • Identifying business opportunities with new and existing brands
  • Managing brand advertising budgets and providing cost optimization solutions



Proactive Health Labs was a startup founded by the owner of a law firm that helped patients win cases against insurance companies. She saw how there was a lack of information and that our current healthcare system focused on treatment and not prevention, so the goal was to make information, resources, testing, and preventative solutions available to the average consumer.

pH Labs is the solution to modern ailments like fatigue, stress, and obesity. I was tasked with bringing this concept to fruition with both an online eCommerce store, as well as a real brick and mortar storefront in Santa Monica. This was a temporary position to oversee brand development, marketing collateral creation and distribution, and product marketing.



  • Strategic planning, execution, and implementation of marketing campaigns

  • Creating literature and assets such as brochures, pamphlets, one sheets, videos, display ads, slideshows, outdoor signs, and a media kit explaining the purpose of the company

  • Hiring and managing graphic designers and animators for design assets
  • Directing and coordinating talent and logistics for photo shoots to be used for design assets
  • Creating and maintaining a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Pitching and creating new business model ideas based on current products and services
  • Crafting the mission statement and writing copy and product descriptions for the website



This opportunity was presented through my connection to a dance music blog I used to write for. The owner of the blog was the current social media manager at The LA Film School and was moving on to a position more aligned with music, so wanted to recommend someone to take his place. With my previous experience in online marketing and my contribution to the blog, I was the right candidate to not only manage social media, but also to manage paid media campaigns.

During my time here I was able to grow all social followings by more than 500% through a combination of organic and paid efforts. I also kept an eye on emerging social trends and networks, and successfully created, managed, and grew Instagram, Vine and SoundCloud for the brand.

Work Included:

  • Content strategy for social networks -- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, SoundCloud
  • Managed ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, entertainment-related sites
  • Daily posting to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Proficient in Hootsuite social media management platform for multiple accounts
  • Grew brand social presence by over 500% within a year
  • Produce video content for YouTube, optimize videos with keywords, descriptors, annotations
  • Capitalize on social media trends to attract PR opportunities, organic referrals
  • Maximize organic views with robust content to site and blog -- social media trends, interviews, industry news
  • Produce weekly analytics reports and updates
  • Consistently grew web traffic and social followers from data analysis of analytics reports
  • Utilizing a custom CRM solution to keep track of communication and conversion rates



This was my first full-time job in an office. 10 months after graduating college and 6 months after returning from touring Europe for 4 months, I started working with this company as an account manager. I was able to successfully work my way up to partner relations manager and trained and managed 4 employees total during my 3 years here. I learned the ins and outs of internet marketing; anyway you can access the internet I know how to monetize it.

Work Included:

  • Managed 800 accounts that generated $600,000 / month, including, Chitika, Image Space Media (acquired by Vibrant Media) and more.

  • Worked with ad networks, publishers and web entrepreneurs to monetize traffic and explore new revenue options, including email marketing campaigns, search CPC ads, display CPM ads, mobile ads, in-game advertising
  • Researched keywords and bids to provide best value for publishers’ contextual ads
  • Optimized partners’ campaigns via data analysis and keywords, adding more advertiser partners to partners’ accounts
  • Built pitch decks, delivered presentations, upsold product offerings to potential and present clients which resulted in additional revenue of $50k for the company within a 1 year period
  • Always maintained positive business relationships through extensive communication
  • Handled key partner relationships through timely communication and customer service
  • Monitored incoming activity and provided traffic reports to VP of Operations
  • Trained new account managers, promoted from account manager to partner relations manager
  • Worked closely with developers to troubleshoot problems, worked with designers on new creatives
  • Basic editing of JavaScript and HTML
  • Proficient in Google Analytics, experience in using traffic monitoring systems and data monitoring tools